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headbandlovers is the community made and moderated by leitoph for her literary works--be it poems, short stories, songs, etc. Since the author is a fangirl (a Tegoshi-biased Chankapaana to be exact), the things she'd probably post here most frequently are fan fictions. Then recently, she's been hooked on making LJ layouts, so she would also dump those layouts here. 8D For copyright and privacy concerns all literary/fic posts are member-locked; while the graphics/layouts are open to all. If you want to read her crappy fictions and other lit. works join the community first.

Why headbandlovers?
  This community was created more than a year ago, with the original purpose of having a community of bloggers who love headbands and/or other head gear/accessories.
  Sadly the plan didn't push through, and the community was left untouched until she decided to do something with it.
  She has many blogs, but doesn't have one for her writings and compositions + layouts yet, so she guessed this community is the perfect one to accommodate these things!

And oh, for the must-know before you continue:

  • This community has (somehow) adult-content posts

  • Inevitable spamming of bias (BECAUSE leitoph's BIASED LIKE THAT. FYEAH ♥)

  • Randomness, then fandom-ness, and it goes on and on and on...

  • Disgusting grammatical and/or typo errors X(

  • Unfinished works

Be sure to bear with the scatterbrained author and her messy community, thank you.☺
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[one-shot] Sleep

Title: Sleep
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tegoshi x OC
Genre: fluff
Summary and Author’s note: No summary! It never dawned to me until now. I frequently write short Tegoshi x OC fics without an actual plot, but I still put summaries for the sake of just having them xD Most of these short fics—longer than drabbles but short enough not to be a full one-shot, has become my refuge when I couldn’t write more decent ones. As usual this is in AU, because I love to.

"Talk your nonsense when I’m not too busy."Collapse )

[layouts] NEWS 10th anniversary layout dump!

NEWS 10th anniversary layout dump!

About: Because it's NEWS' 10th birthday I want to do something not just for myself or for NEWS, but for the fandom as well--specifically LJ users. so I customized 5 layouts. Here they are~
Acknowledgements: refuted && mentahelada
Preview: **click on the pics below for a larger preview!**

Layout 1 ↓

Layout 2 ↓

Layout 3 ↓

Layout 4 ↓

Layout 5 ↓



Yay! You're done!
notes: • you can add links, customize the sidebar, etc!
• you can alter the layout but be sure you're familiar with html codes. Awoooo~ *am I scaring you? Hehe*

Comment if taking/interested at least. No need to credit but don't claim as your own ^_^
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[layouts] 1 Koyama & 1 Shige

Back to modifying layouts, now with TWO of 'em!

(crossposted on leitoph and news_jpop)

[1] Title: Koyama strawberry layout
   About: I modified this last March (that's why the header is a little bit outdated). Simple purple layout topped with Koyama's cuteness and an ichigo ♥

[2] Title: Shige Vampaia layout
   About: Also modified last March. Simple earth hues mixed with Shige's lovely profile and the Japanese characters found in the header means Vampire wa Kaku Katariki (Shige's solo song).

Acknowledgements: refuted
Previews: below! ↓ **click on the desired layout for the larger preview**


Comment if taking/interested at least. No need to credit but don't claim as your own ^_^
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[layout] Tegomass pink

(crossposted on leitoph)

Title: テゴマス pink layout
About: Because I love the pic on the header I decided to make something out of it! ♥
Acknowledgements: refuted
Preview: **click on the pic below for a larger preview!**

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Comment if taking/interested at least. No need to credit but don't claim as your own ^_^
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